Inspect, Detect, Report.



Our Mission

To provide you with an overall understanding of the property you're interested in purchasing. Every home is different, so a thorough inspection of the home and surrounding grounds will give you a better understanding of the state of the property. Majority of the time, there's little to few concerns about a property, but if there's something that should be noted, MK Property Inspect will provided you with an outline of the property complete with pictures of any issues we detect. It's a straight forward approach, we don't focus on the good, we detect the potential items that will be an issue down the line.  

What's a home inspection?

A home inspector, hired by the would-be buyer, focuses on the “guts” of the home. He or she assesses the overall condition, paying close attention to mechanical systems — such as plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling — as well as major appliances.

An inspector determines if the home needs repairs and if there are any health or safety concerns.

A home inspection is highly recommended, and can take three or four hours depending on the size of the property.

If possible, plan to be present at the inspection. Make sure to read the home inspection report , which should be thorough and easy to understand. It should include narrative accounts of the inspector’s findings, along with pictures and diagrams. Be aware, however, that an inspection is not a warranty and there’s no guarantee it will find all problems with a property.

Most reports will find some areas that need attention, but if the issues are major, you may want to use the report to renegotiate your original offer for the house.

With my first property the inspector was there for 2 1/2 hours, he walked me through the entire experience and educated me on every aspect of the home, he had no idea I was a contractor and that’s what inspired me to start MK Property Inspect. I was intrigued by his overwhelming knowledge and passion he expressed with helping me buy my first home.
— Chris Dimitrijevic, MK Property Inspect